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A while ago, my mom gave me an article about single women. I’m sure that she meant to be encouraging, but I found the article so discouraging.

The basic premise was that single women should spend their time helping married women, and caring for children while they are single. Now, I don’t want anyone to misunderstand, I think that helping others and spending time with children is great if that’s what God has called you to; however, I just didn’t believe that these activities were the primary things that single women should be focused on. The article just seemed to be saying that single women should be assistants to the married women until we are promoted to the role of wife. This idea did not sit well with me at all, so I decided to see what the Bible had to say.

I did some research on what the Bible actually says about single women. SPOILER ALERT- they’re not sitting home waiting to be promoted to wife. These women are courageous, fierce and were greatly used by God.

I hope this devotional will encourage you, and remind you that no matter how hopeless your current situation looks, God is still in control and he has great plans for you!