Becoming Fit: Finding a Routine That Works for You

Becoming Fit: Finding a Routine That Works for You

As a single woman it’s so important to use your time to become the best version of yourself! You may not necessarily have lots of extra time because you are single, but generally you have more control over your schedule than you would if you had a husband and children so now is the perfect time to develop the lifestyle and habits you want to keep up long term!

I don’t have any children, so I don’t know what it’s like, but I do know this: If working out isn’t a part of your life now, it’s only going to get harder to incorporate as you add responsibilities.

So how on earth do you start creating good habits related to fitness? I’ve got a few tips for you today!

  1. This looks different for everyone!

Don’t feel any pressure to workout the way your friends do or to jump into whatever the latest craze on Instagram is!

If you’re really outdoorsy, don’t feel like you have to work out in a gym. Look for opportunities to get outdoors! There’s so many great ways to get outside! Hiking, kayaking or community sports leagues are all great options. If you’re a gal that needs climate control, like me, then a gym with fun classes might be more your speed. Don’t feel like you have to get involved in the same thing everyone else is doing.

2. Do something you actually enjoy!

It’s important to find a type of exercise that you enjoy or you won’t make it a priority!

For example, I hate running. I’ve never been a strong runner and I find the whole experience exhausting and painful! If running was my only form of exercise, I’d probably spend most of my time actively avoiding it and trying to come up with excuses of why I couldn’t run on a given day.

I’ve found that I like group workout classes (I really need the peer pressure to get a good workout in!) and lifting weights. I don’t dread it nearly as much as I do running so it’s much easier to stay motivated and make time for my workouts.

Exercise shouldn’t be torture, it should be fun! Take the time to find an activity that you actually enjoy!

3. Figure out what your goals are.

Knowing what your goal is will definitely affect what type of exercise you want to become involved in. Your workout will look different if you want to lose 50lbs, that if you want to maintain your weight.

Keep in mind that everyone’s goals are different and that’s ok! If all your friends are joining a cross-fit gym trying to gain muscle, don’t feel like you have to join them if your goal is just to maintain your weight and get outside more. Joining a sand volleyball league might be more your speed.

It’s also ok for your goals to change and evolve over time! So don’t feel locked into any one particular type of activity!

If you’re currently looking for something new or a way to change up your workouts let me tell you what I do! I currently follow the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle and workouts.

** I am a Certified Coach for FASTer Way to Fat Loss. If you join a round as a client, I will receive a commission.**

The FASTer Way has helped me combine workouts and nutrition in the most effective way to burn fat. The FASTer Way workouts are simple but effective.

I do some type of high intensity interval training two days a week and weight lifting three days a week. I’ve really enjoyed this combination since I’m not doing the same thing every day and there’s some variety!

The workouts are also designed with the woman who has a busy life in mind! I don’t have to spend hours at the gym. I’m always done within an hour, usually 45 minutes!

If this sounds like a program that could work for you, and you’d like to know when my next round is starting up, use the link below to get some more information!

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

If you’ve always envisioned yourself having a family that’s healthy and active, now is the best time to start! If you’ve developed these habits while you were single, they will easily flow into your family life later. It’s much more difficult to try and start working out and being active once you have more things on your plate!

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