About Me

I am a 30 something nurse living in Ohio. To say my life has not gone as I planned would be a massive understatement. I always planned on getting married super young and becoming a stay at home mom, but that was not the plan God had for me. Instead, He has led me through the beautiful landscape of an extended time of singleness. While it hasn’t always been fun or easy, I can honestly say, it’s been better than I could’ve ever imagined! God has been so faithful and walked with me through every unknown step I have taken.

In 2017 God began to bring a group of single ladies into my life. These women have been a huge source of encouragement to me. They are educated, independent, loving and sassy, really the best of everything! Whenever we get together I leave feeling refreshed and revitalized. Nothing we do is extremely profound, but just chatting, laughing and remembering you’re not alone is so uplifting.

Building community, and sharing our struggles and victories with others, is so important. I realize that not everyone has a group of single friends who they can turn to, so it’s my hope that his online community will remind us that we are not doing this life alone, that there are other fabulous women out there who are still looking for Mr. Right and living extraordinary lives while they wait. Most importantly, I want to remind you all that you are loved, highly valued, and that God has an amazing plan for your life if you will rely on Him.